Mini Facial

30 MINUTES £32

Refresh your skin with double cleansing,exfoliation, relaxing massage, suitable mask ,toner and moisturiser. Day light protection is must after every facial at Dew. 



Targeted Skin Treatments  

 50 min    £49

Perfect treatment to see  instant visible effect. Every treatment we target your  most prior skin concern such as congestion,wrinkles, dull skin or dark eye circles.The skin will be left radiant and fresh with a youthful glow, while the mind is restored and relaxed.

  With BT Micro ultrasound exfoliation leaves your skin silky,all the products penetrate deep layers of the skin.Extraction stage is painless yet very effective.


Customised Skin Treatments

 60 min  £59

After carefully examining your skin we treat every single skin problems at one treatment.Can be used different cleansers,few different masks and serums according to your skin needs. Thanks to our amazing BT Micro device, we see instant improvement after every treatment session.


Teenage  Skin Treatment

 50 min   £36

Teenage skin problems can be frustrating for young adults and their family. Gentle, yet effective cleansing, exfoliation  and extraction makes a huge difference. We also give them a good tips for their home routine. Seeing them more confident with their improved skin makes us very happy.



Microdermabrasion  add-on   14




Biosurface   Peel Course of  4     249

Phi-Lings Microneedling for face   99

Phi-Lings Eyelid Lifting    199

Phi-Lings Neck Tightening   from 99