File and Polish   (15 min)                 14

Soak Off Gel and Tidy (15 min)       10

Gel Manicure  (40 min)        24

File, Basic Cuticle Work and Gel. Free soak off for returning clients in 2 weeks.

Mini Manicure     ( 30 min)     19

In a rush, but still a need a quick way to de-stress .

                        The Dew Mini  Manicure is perfect.

Featuring essential OPI ProSpa products and technique in a condensed service

that doesn’t sacrifice on a premiere experience.

SPA   manicure  (45 min)           23

      File and Cuticle removal,Exfoliation, Massage & Polish.

You will experience the quintessential OPI ProSpa products combined with a relaxing massage and acupressure.

This signature experience puts the “Ahhh” back in Spa.

Pamper Manicure (60 min)     32

File and immaculate cuticle work, Exfoliation,Mask/ Paraffin, Massage and Polish.

The crème de la crème of manicures, you will benefit  from unparalleled exfoliation, mask ,moisture & protection, while reveling in a combination of massage techniques and acupressure designed to reduce stress and relieve tension.

Holistic `  Manicure  (60 min)     36

   Nails are filed, Cuticles nourished,exfoliated and massaged with precious oils.

A nourishing mask and polish is applied.

Ayurvedic and organic Lakshmi products will give you amazing manicure experince.

File and polish toes  (20 min)  15

Gel Pedicure  (40 min)    33

File, Cuticle tidy  and Gel

Mini Pedicure   (30 min)    21

File and nail tidy, Massage & Polish.

Quick, effective and oh-so relaxing.

                        This OPI ProSpa Express Pedicure features essential OPI ProSpa products to provide a spa pedicure experience without increasing service time.

SPA Pedicure  (45 min)        27

File, Cuticle and Hard skin Removal ,Exfoliation, Massage and Polish.

Experience a new standard in pedicure services.

                    Dew Spa Pedicure includes OPI ProSpa products to soak, exfoliate and smooth callused feet. The service is completed with a regimen of massage and acupressure techniques to reduce stress and relieve tension.


Pamper Pedicure  (60 min)        36

File and Cuticle removal,Exfoliation, Mask or Paraffin , Massage and Polish.

Soothe, relax and pamper with the ultimate pedicure experience.

                        The Dew Pamper Pedicure includes unparalleled callus softening, exfoliation ,mask or parrafin wrap and moisture & protection. An extended massage combined with acupressure

to reduce stress, relieve tension will leave you feeling relaxed and renewed.


Holistic Pada Pedicure  ( 60 min)  42

The Well-being starts from the feet.Nourishes, softens and deodorised leaving a lasting feeling of well being and freshness.  

Add-on Treatments  for Mani & Pedi

Callus Peel Add-On           12

Gel Polish   Add-On           10

Gel Removal  Add- On          8   

French Add- On                    5

IBX Repair Add-On    12

Aftercare for Gel Nails

• Do not go swimming for 48 hours or have a long soak in the bath .

• Do not use harsh chemicals when cleaning
• Do not pick or peel the gel off as this damages natural nails
• Continue to use Cuticle Oil after treatmen

Lanolin & petrolium oil based products affect the wearability of Gelcolor.

Cuticle Oil is essential to look after the natural nail, this will keep the natural nail healthy and nourished ready for the next application.

Removal of GelColor

We offer a free soak off service when you return to re-apply gels that applied at Dew.

 At Dew we use Expert touch soak off gel nasils,contains moisturisers and aloe so much kinder when removing Gelcolor.Not pure acetone as this dehydrates and strips the nail plate of moisture which over time will cause the natural nail to become weak and brittle.

Do not pull GelColor off as this takes off layers of the natural nail causing them to become weak and damaged.

Once removed we strongly advise to continue using Cuticle Oil. 

Chipping and smudging

If you chip or smudge your  gel nails within 72 hours, we will be delighted to repair the effected nail(s) within 5 days.
Outside this period there will be a small fee, please refer to price list.
• We will repair chipped nails free of charge for clients who want the same color applied. If a client chooses a different product, there will be an additional charge.